Longevity Through Evolution

About IKOS

Established in 1991, IKOS is one of the first European systematic asset managers. Today, IKOS operates a global infrastructure from its head office in Cyprus utilizing execution sites and facilities in New York.

IKOS creates and executes trading strategies based on mathematical modelling statistical analysis, factor analysis and exploitation of multiple time horizon effects. Econometric models are combined with time-series analysis and market micro-structure models within an integrated risk management and systematic high-frequency execution platform. For many years IKOS has delivered excellent long-term returns with low correlation compared to other hedge funds, CTAs and traditional asset managers.

The IKOS team offers a wealth of experience in sophisticated quantitative investment management, coupled with world-class mathematical, scientific and technical skills. IKOS’ institutional framework, enterprise-scale operation, portfolio construction, execution, reporting and management systems have been developed and refined over many years, to meet the specific needs of leading institutional investors.

IKOS is a signatory to the Standards Board for Alternative Investments (SBAI) (formerly Hedge Fund Standards Board (HFSB)), as well as a member of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), which are considered leading advocates for sound business practices. Furthermore, the IKOS funds have been certified by Amber Partners, most recently in 2014.

Pioneers of Systematic Trading

History of IKOS

IKOS began developing its quantitative trading systems in 1991 and has since evolved into a cutting-edge, globally distributed high-frequency platform, paralleling developments in the world markets over the years.

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